Spectraflex is "Made in the USA". "Always was......Always will be"


You hear a lot these days about companies moving their factories back to the US. We at Spectraflex applaud this shift in attitude. 

But the fact is, Spectraflex has always produced our products here in the US .........and always will.

It is a shame that other companies took so long to realize the benefits of keeping manufacturing here in the United States, and one has to wonder about the reasons for these companies to make such a drastic shift in their business models. Did it become more difficult to make a profit with the rising cost of doing business overseas? Did consumer sentiment cut into their bottom line?

Over the years, (25 years to be exact.), Spectraflex has had the same opportunity to take advantage of the financial benefits of manufacturing our products overseas......but we chose not to.

Consistent quality, pride in workmanship and providing a great product, produced by American workers has always been a source of pride for us and we can assure you this will continue for years to come.

From all of us at Spectraflex, thank you very much for your support for the last quarter century.


Dave Russell