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Tags: Solid colors

Vendor: Spectraflex cables

Type: Speaker cable

SKU: HQ4/20SC3

We've re-designed the speaker cable from the inside.. out, by replacing the usual 2 conductors with 4 more flexible and efficient conductors. Then we replaced the bulky outer jacket with a Hi-Tech engineered Nylon Braid.
The result is a lighter cable with better performance.
This new design will allow for larger conductor sizes in a smaller package.

Spectraflex Braided Hyper-FLEX Speaker Cable features-

1) Rugged, engineered Nylon Braiding covering 4 tough PVC
insulated center conductors.
2) 4/20 AWG Ultra-Pure Copper Quad-twisted conductors.
3) Dual Straight 1/4" High-Performance Nickel Plated Connectors with corrosion resistant Nickel Plated Housings.
4) State of the art construction designed for maximum performance.