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Vendor: Spectraflex cables

Type: Guitar cable


Terror-Flex  is our Scott Eames Signature guitar cable. With color and pattern design input from Scott, the Terror-Flex is based on a modified version of our Fatsoflex series. Terror-Flex features a flexible, external nylon braid that resists ripping or tearing. The internal cable construction is identical to the Fatsoflex series, designed for extended frequency response, low handling noise and ultra-quiet performance. Other benefits include increased strength and strain relief.

1) Rugged, engineered Nylon braiding, available in Scott's signature Black, Red and Dark Grey custom pattern, covering a tough PVC outer jacket.
2) 20 AWG Ultra-Pure Copper Center Conductor.
3) 95% Overall Copper Shield.
4) 100% Coverage Inner Conductive PVC Shield.
5) Dual Straight 1/4" High-Performance G&H BigFoot Nickel Plated Connectors with corrosion resistant Nickel Plated Housings.
6) State of the art construction designed for extended frequency response and extremely low handling noise.
7) Protective Shrink Sleeve with Scott Eames signature and Terror-Flex logo.