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Remember My Name

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Ricardo Gordo

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Robbie Poogs

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Rob George (Hub City Stompers)

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Ronnie Davis (Moccasin Creek)

Ronnie Davis a.k.a. Ronnie D is a guitarist, singer & songwriter. Playing guitar since the age of 10 coming from a musical family background, both mother and father were singers and musicians. His father being a drummer and traditional country singer. His mother being a soulful blues, rock, and country singer, as well as a percussionist and rhythm guitar player, led to Ronnie taking a huge interest in playing multiple instruments and singing. Growing up near the mountains of southern middle Tennessee, raised by his working father that also ran their full time farm, and mother....Music played a huge roll in his life growing up, after Loosing his parents at a very young age. By the age of 15 Ronnie D was sharing the stage and performing at festivals, bars, dives, and Honky Tonks with performers and musicians twice his age. He quickly made a name for himself, being recognized for his soulful voice, slide guitar and lead guitar playing that reflected on his deep southern roots. His influences came from his parents first and foremost. "When I sit back and really think of individuals that have always inspired me, I always put my mama & daddy first! Also Southern rock, country, and the blues. I was always a sucker for a sweet sounding slide guitar."

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Sam Norman

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Saptak Dey (Shrap)

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Scott Eames

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Scott Wright (ForEver Broken)

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Sean De La Tour (Death Division)

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Stacy Mitchhart

Stacy Mitchhart’s awards and accolades include his 2012 induction into the Canadian Blues Hall of Fame, a Billboard debut at #8 for his “Live My Life” CD/2014, a Billboard debut at #6 for his “Live from BB Kings” CD/2010, a first round Grammy Nomination in 2007 for his album, “Gotta Get The Feelin’ Back Again”, the prestigious "Albert King Award" from The Blues Foundation, “Blues Entertainer of the Year,” “Blues Male Vocalist of the Year,” “Blues Guitarist of the Year,” “Electric Blues Act of the Year”, "Acoustic Blues Act of the Year”, and “#1 Blues recording of 2004” from Music City Blues Society, and the “#1 Blues recording of 2001” by the New York Jazz and Blues Society. Stacy Mitchhart was also nominated for the "Little Milton Campbell Best Guitarist Award" by the JusBlues Awards in Atlanta. And, the single “You Turn Me On” from the “I’m a Good Man” CD, charted #1 on the Beach Music Charts.

Stacy Mitchhart Website: http://www.stacymitchhart.com

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Stanley Gene Mindiola III (Midnight Crow)

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Stefano Rossi Ciucci (Bloodtruth)

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Stephen Sullivan (Moccasin Creek)

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Steve Bello

Photo Courtesy of Sandi Ryan/Go Lightly Photography

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Steve Brown

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Steve Williams

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Suspicious Minds

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Swirl - DT Jones

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