Name: Marty "Big Dog" Mercer 

I've been using your cables for the last 6 or 7 years. Every job. Sometimes up to 200 jobs per year. Even if I'm using my wireless, a Spectraflex cable is used to run a line back to the amp.

I had a job on Saturday and I used another brand of cables that were brand new. I got them as part of a "bundle package" when I ordered an effects pedal. I threw them on a shelf and there they sat. I grabbed these cables to use. I figured, they're brand new they should be okay.

 I've never been one to be able to discern a difference in tone from patch cables or guitar cables. That was, until Saturday. 

 These cords sucked all the tone out of my rig. It was absolutely noticeable. It wasn't the amp. I am a Quilter amplifier endorsed artist. They're solid state. They sound exactly the same in every situation so I know it was the cables that affected my tone.

 This was a first for me and a real eye opener to the importance of using a quality cable.



Name: Bob


Hey guys, just a quick thanks. I have 2 original Spectraflex cables from around 1990. Bought them in High school and have never ever played a gig since without them. Mean green and purple power go with me everywhere I play. Just figured I would drop a line and say thanks.                    

Bob Higgins, just some guy who plays guitar.


Name: Scott M

I played professionally for more than 30 years. I've had many instrument cables fail at the worst possible moment including some very big names. I bought two Spectraflex cables roughly 22 years ago and needless to say they are still functioning perfectly. They have never received maintenance meaning they were never re-soldered. As for the jacket on the cable, what else can be said other than tough as nails. These cables have been on hundreds of gigs and never a glitch. One of the cables was actually lost in a parking lot outside of a venue and I found it 3 days later in the parking lot. It had been run over countless times but was still intact. I took it home and it worked perfectly. Thank you



Name: Greg Smith

Just wanted to add a testimonial to the list.  My brother and I both bought Spectraflex Guitar cables in 1991. They have been the best cables we have ever used.  I have had countless others that failed along the way. The store we bought them at is long gone, and I didn't even know if the company still existed. My cable finally failed after 28 years of hard service (his is still going strong). I was totally bummed. But I was barely able to read the name off of the cable end (I couldn't even remember it had been so long), and was ecstatic to learn I could get new ones. Just ordered new cables. I'll never use anything else! Thanks so much for a Great product!! 


Name: Jeff Roberts

Got my custom made ORANGE 9 inch patch cables in the mail the other day.  ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!!!! I've been a Spectraflex customer for around 25 years and have always raved about your cables.  The Spectraflex guitar cables I bought back in about 1994 (?) are still in perfect working order.  One is a yellow with some kind of print and the other is a purple/green.  Absolutely bomb proof.These new patch cables are incredible.. Great connector ends, beautifully done. Many thanks to Dave and everyone else involved. Great Job.


Name: Brian D. Johnston

I'm a serious guitar hobbyist, insofar as regular practice and guitar composition development.  I'm also a regular gear review contributor to some well-known guitar sites and forums.  In order to communicate the nuances and characteristics of guitars, amps and pedals you need to have a clear line of communication.  I cannot imagine resorting to 'average' cables after hearing the crystal clear difference Spectraflex has made in both my recordings and reviews.  I once had a guitar tech in a music store tell me that it matters little whether you use cheap or more expensive cables unless you're a serious musician or in a recording studio, but that depends a lot on the quality of your gear.  After all, what's the point of spending hundreds or thousands on guitars, pedals, and decent audio equipment, even if you are a 'home' enthusiast, just to muddy up the conversation taking place among the hardware?  Think of telephone lines from 2-3 decades ago compared to the fiber optics and cell phone technology of today and you get the point.  






Name:     Steve Smith

Dear Sirs:I have purchased many of your cables just in case I needed backups, and have found that I have no real use for them: I have been using three of your Vintage Series cables (3', 14', and ALWAYS the 18') for years and have never needed to unwrap all the others I bought! Great sounding, durable cables that hold up to repeated gigging, including lots of travel - what more could I ask for? The ones I have been using have over ten years on them. The 14' does not get used much, but the 18' has done every gig for that time, and I play a lot. The 3' is even older! Great job!!!! Thank you for making such a great cable!!!!! Sincerely,Steve Smith PS: I purchased them all from Gruhn Guitars.


Name:   Paul Bretschneider

I've purchased two of your Fatso Flex cables and couldn't be more pleased.  These are just marvelous cables.  I'm playing through a Fender Princeton Reverb with a variety of guitars and the sound is terrific; no loss of signal and no 'muddy' sound.  I've been playing for a long time and the Fatso Flex is the best cable for my money.  And they look sharp, too!!!


Name: Charlie Fick

Hi Dave,
I received the cords last week and was surprised at the "coolness" as they look better in person. Also, I didn't expect to get them so soon. In the future I'll be getting another matching set. Played them and they do make a difference!
Thanks for everything,
Charlie Fick


Name: Jerry Kosak

I simply want to let you know how pleased I am with my recent order.
I needed an angled stereo cord, ordered it the day after Christmas and you built and shipped it so that I got it in time for a New Year's Eve gig! This is unheard of in the world these days. You and your company are amazing. I will continue to encourage my students and friends to buy and use Spectraflex because you have the absolute best customer support and satisfaction in the business! Oh, yes and I have been completely satisfied with all 12 of my Spectraflex cords.
Thanks and Happy New Year!


Name: Joe Baldwin

I bought Spectraflex guitar, microphone, and patch cables because they
use an ultra-pure copper conductor and shield, with durable braided
cable, and top quality connectors.

Spectraflex cables equate to audiophile sound quality, pro-level
durability, all with no-hassle technical support, when needed.
Thanks Spectraflex!



Name: DPD

Thank you David. I am very impressed with how you back up your products. Plus the time you took and help you gave in talking me through getting the broken off piece out of my amp was a huge help that saved me lots of time and money. No excuses or hassle. I will tell everyone I know how you stand behind your cables and go out of your way to make things right. Your service model is something every company should strive for. At the end of the day it's all about quality, service, support and convenience. Getting someone on the phone that knows what they are talking about is huge in this day and age. No east India call center to deal with. Spectraflex scores a perfect 10 across the board in my book. I will not buy another cable from any other company ever - Period! You can add my recommendation to your website.

Thank you!!!

DPD St. Louis, Missouri


Name: Dave DeMaria

Got my new Fatsoflex cables yesterday. These cables are amazing. I rewired my whole pedal board with Spectraflex as well. Just wanted you to know that I love them. Very clear full sounding cables-best I ever used. I like these way better than the Monster cables I was using. Thanks again for your help in choosing these cables for my rig Dave. You're the best!!

My best always



Name: Patrick Byington

So at some point in early 2009 I ordered a 20ft 'Super-Quad' cable from you guys with a silent connecting end.  I just wanted to say that, despite my initial trepidation at such a cable (it was a lot more expensive than I was used to spending for one), I can't use anything else.  I've spent equal amounts of money on other cables that other companies claim are their 'top of the line' and they make my guitar sound thin and anemic.  The cable I bought from you guys sounds beefy, full and chock-full of stinkin' TONE!  Thank you folks very much, I will forever utilize your cable (God forbid it ever dies, I'll buy more cable from you guys in a heartbeat!).  Have a good one.




NAME: Huib, Netherlands, Europe

 Hi Dave, 

Thanks for your quick replies and excellent service, I really appreciate it, they're often rare to find these days. I have just put in my order for another Spectraflex cable to accompany my existing ones. As a guitar playing graphic designer with a hunger for style and color it's really cool I can order them exactly the way I want ;) ! They're topnotch, never had any issues with them whatsoever, great quality. Keep up the excellent work!



NAME: Bob Mann
Subject: Re: Your Spectraflex order has been shipped!


Hi Dave, well I got your cables and I must say they are worth every penny. Quality is first rate along with some pretty crazy looking casing. I was a bit concerned that cables made in this way might be too stiff. They are surprisingly flexible for new ones.My connections are clean to all my guitars. One odd thing, I swear they conduct way,way better than any of the old monster cables I have laying around. Things just seem more clear and crisp.I dig it a lot.

Thanks again, looking forward to more of your cables in the future. I'll pass my findings on to whoever asks.

                                                                                                       Regards, Bob Mann



NAME: Joe Brackman
Subject: Awesome Quality!
MESSAGE: It\'s certainly easy to complain these days with email and such, but it\'s just as easy to let good  folks know when they\'re doing something right.

I bought a 21\' Spectraflex guitar cable back in 1993 when I started playing in the college jazz band. A couple of years later, I added one of your 10\' cords. I\'ve bought many other cables and even made my own with Mogami and Neutrik. But I still have my original Spectraflex cables, and they\'re still going strong. I don\'t think I\'ve even repaired solder joints on them (and that wouldn\'t even be a big deal, since I do cable making and repair quite often these days with my pedalboard setup). You guys have made a wonderful product. Keep it up!!



NAME: Kevin Bryant

 Subject: My cable has lasted 15 years of Pro use!!

MESSAGE: Hey! I got a Spectraflex cable (yellow) in 1997 and I\'m still using it professionally now. Never had an issue with it. The other guitar player in my band was having trouble with cables going bad so I recommended Spectraflex for the longevity I had experienced. So he ordered several of them and love \'em! Thanks! Kevin(lead guitar) Marrakesh Express: A CSNY Experience 


 Hi Dave! 

I used the new pedal cords last night at a gig and noticed the improvement of my sound.  Everything was much clearer with nice smooth chimey highs!  My previous cords that I personally made were Belden wire and switchcraft replicas that I thought sounded warm but I didn't realize that i was loosing the clarity that I love like plugging straight into the amp when bypassing the pedal board. I received many compliments on my tone last night and just wanted to let you know and thank you for your product and customer service too!

Joe Sanfilippo


NAME: Richard Schlatter

Subject: Great cables

MESSAGE: I just wanted to tell you, that when I started playing bass, 11 years ago. I found one of your cables in a guitar store...I bought 3, now all these years (and gigs) later, I am still rocking the same cables. I have 2 20\' cables, I have played them in the hot, cold, yanked out of the amp, walked on, rolled up, laying in the water and all you can think of. They are all still playing strong. I'm now playing in 2 bands and I am going to buy some new longer cables, I'm back here at your website looking them up because I cant find them in the stores. I hope you still build a bulletproof product the same as I got all those years ago. because I'm buying more. just the other day, my local guitar store owner was trying hard to sell me on the george L\'s cables and I turned him down. He doesn't carry your line, and I told him it was a lost sale. I'm playing Spectraflex!


 NAME: Matt Woodman

Subject: Guitar Cables

MESSAGE: To the fine folks at Spectraflex:


I have been using Spectraflex cables for about a year now and I just wanted to let you all know how happy I have been since switching to your cables.   The cables have continued to stand up to the wear and tear of gigging and rehearsals.


Thank you for making such a great product!!!



Matt Woodman

Naperville, IL.       



NAME: Greg Nelson

Subject: Kudos to You!


I recently tried a new guitar cable for use in my recording studio, and I think you might be interested in the results. Here\'s what I wrote to the company I got it from:


"Well, I've had a chance to make some critical listening comparisons between this Patriot SX cable and my old faithful SpectraFlex cable (also 20 gauge, and about 5\' longer). I must say, it is very hard to tell any difference at all. It does seem as though the Patriot SX has a teensy bit more high end, but it also seems like it has less low end (which may just be the way my mind is interpreting the added high end). The difference between the two is negligible, and I would be happy with either - except that the Patriot SX seems to pick up more noise, making it unacceptable, at least in a recording environment (where I performed these critical listening tests). Everything else in my setup was equal, the only difference being the two cables, and I heard significantly more noise with the Patriot SX cable (actually, there was zero noise with the SpectraFlex cable).\"


So then, Kudos to you!

I've been using your cables for more than 10 years now, and I've never had any problems with any of them (and I use a lot of them!). And now I also know that they are even better sounding than some of the more expensive alternatives too!

Thank you for your excellent products!

Greg Nelson


Name: James Dingle

So the Fatso Flex cable I ordered came in today.
I am BLOWN AWAY on how GOOD it sounds.
My PRS is much more clearer sounding, no noise or microphonics at high gain volumes on a 100 watt Tube Carvin Legacy amp, and no static noises when moved around. I am impressed, my monster rock cable is obselete compared to this fatso flex and I was even more baffled that I paid more for my monster cable than I did on this fatso flex xD

Totally BETTER than my Monster rock cable.
In fact, all 4 of my monster cables are listed on ebay because this fatso flex is that awesome of a cable.
I've always got monster because of lifetime warranty, but I'm glad a friend told me about your cables and lifetime warranty with original receipt. I will be purchasing more of your cables, thanks again for the timely responses!

a new convert,



NAME: Michelle Dahlin

Hi Dave! 

I received my replacement cable. Thank you so much for your exemplary customer service!

I will tell every musician I know about my positive experience with Spectraflex. 


Michelle Dahlin



Hi Dave,

just received my 2 new Spectraflex mic cables. I'm impressed with the speed of delivery, I wasn't expecting these for at least another week, having to go through customs and all.

First, I love the colours! They're fun and will look really good on stage. Now, for the test. I plugged one into my CAD 90 mic and started singing. Upon listening to the recordings, the first thing I did was check to make sure I had used the right mic; the difference was night and day! Gone are all the background noises. They used to be minimal, but you could still hear them if you looked for them. Now they simply don't exist. High's, low's, mid's, everything just sounds better, richer. I always loved the fact that the Spectraflex cables pick up mids better than anything else on the market, and it's very evident in the voice mic, it captures much more warmth and feeling than other cables.

Never again anything else but Spectraflex!