BelloFlex-Steve Bello

BelloFlex? in Steve Bello? Yes Sir! Who else would mix neon pink and and neon yellow together to create such a feast for the eyes.  But don't let those good looks fool you. This cable is as serious (and as good looking) as Steve when it comes to his sound. Click "Shop Now" for more info and model options.

Xenocide-Rusty Cooley

The X-Flex Xenocide cable is the perfect compliment to Rusty Cooley's Extraterrestrial abilities on guitar. The basic design, inspired by Rusty himself, combined with technology borrowed from an unnamed source in Roswell, NM, has resulted in a truly remarkable guitar cable. Click "Shop Now" for more info and model options.

Terror-Flex-Scott Eames

Spectraflex signs a deal with the Devil and teams up with extreme metal guitarist Scott Eames! Who else could capture such a sinister cable straight from the abyss?! Make no mistake, this cable is NOT for the timid. The sleek black & red, trimmed in dark grey design, appears like a smoldering ember... This cable is HOT. Strike fear in the hearts of your enemies with the Scott Eames Signature Series TERROR-Flex by Spectraflex. Click "Shop Now", if your dare, for more info and model options.

Bjorn Englen Signature Cable

 What do you give an Artist who has earned the right to work with the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth and Tony MacAlpine???? His own Signature Guitar cable, of course!!! Click "Shop Now" for your chance to live in a slice of Bjorn Englen's world!